Game Audio Hour is a weekly podcast where we discuss all things game audio. From creative ideas to the latest techniques, project experiences to audio secrets, here is where you’ll find in-depth coverage and opinions related to game audio.


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Kyle Johnson


Kyle cut his teeth back in the day impressing crowds with his spectacular guitar talents, but soon after came around and found his true passion for audio production. This lead him into game audio, where he has had the privilege of working on many famous franchises including Guitar Hero, and The Sims. A noted lover of scotch, vintage audio gear, vinyl records and table-top games, Kyle is Game Audio Hour’s founder and illustrious leader.


Michael G. Shapiro


Michael Gordon Shapiro spent the roaring 90s as audio lead for a game company before returning to the freelance life in sunny Los Angeles. Today he writes music for games, film, TV, the theater, and the concert hall. He loves the acoustic orchestra, but also spends a lot of his time obsessively trying to emulate it. Michael is the one who keeps forgetting which show this is and starts talking about film music. In real life he is in color.


Vincent Diamante


Vincent Diamante is currently the audio director over at thatgamecompany, after what seemed like a lifetime of making music and sound for cell phone games pre-iPhone. When he’s not working on thatnextgame, he teaches sound design at the University of Southern California, plays obscure 90s fighting games, and cooks a really good eggplant lasagna. Vincent is Game Audio Hour’s official “Mr. Tech”; if you can dream it, Vince can patch it.


Alex May


Alex has been involved with music production since the heady Commodore Amiga days, and is Game Audio Hour’s resident hardcore tracker user and synthesis nerd. He is currently based in Japan, and is the creative director at Winning Blimp and the head audio engineer at Vitei Backroom. You know that guy who turns up to the party late, says odd things, and constantly hovers around the food table? That’s who Alex is to Game Audio Hour.

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