Game Audio Hour 035

Composition Influenced By Instrument

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  1. thatguyhasanewnameeverydamntime says:
    Some of the stuff mentioned around the 30th minute but even throughout this documentary ..had me coming right back to this weeks episode.

    As for skewed statistics: I for example have been ‘guilty’ on numerous occasions of listening to your podcast via one of those apps that let you stream youtube videos while the device is locked.
    Like 3 times. Its for those times when you just want to hear it now!, or segment it over days you can’t find time elsewhere on, or when taking a walk. Naturally in this mode more distractions will sneak in, where only on rewatching i think to myself ‘how could i miss that part?!’.
    But yeah the flow and attention to video and being able to screenshare beats all – and occasional bingewatch catchups for me are a joy.

    pretty big Thanks! for sharing at this point

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