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  1. Yuusou Amazing says:

    A nice episode and I really like what Alex said about REAPER, because it’s accurate. While many didn’t give it a try (like Sean Beeson back in 2009 when he introduced me to this DAW) some people, specifically those with a technical customization background, will like it. It takes a while to get into it, but it works great for its money. You can give it a try for free and without feature limitations. Usually you can’t save or export/render projects in other DAWs during the trial but that actually is important, because you need to know how long it takes to render the whole track, which can be pretty time consuming and exhausting if it’s getting messed up for whatever reason.

    A very important feature set is the customization of so called “actions”. While you have some shortcut keys in other DAWs e.g. to split audio clips you can define shortcuts yourself in REAPER, you can create scripts/macros and the best thing about it: You can use MIDI input for any action.

    If I would recommend a beginner (who I am) a DAW it would be REAPER. It’s not overloaded with features, it gets regular updates and it’s rather cheap compared to other DAWs.

    Right now I’m getting to know NI’s MASCHINE 2 which feels a bit more limited than a regular DAW yet it does have a great integration of hardware and software. Later on I’ll start with Ableton Live since REAPER doesn’t give me a good look and feel regarding the live recording and improvisation and looping and so on. That’s why I’m going for Ableton Live. I tried to get my hands on tracker software like MilkyTracker or Famitracker but I couldn’t get my mind working in the vertical timeline and hex values for everything. I respect those who still master this technology.


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